2020 APMRF Grant Awards

The Ara Parseghian Medical Research Fund at Notre Dame is pleased to announce the support of 17 grants for the 2020 Grant funding program. Thank you to our generous donors who continue to support our efforts to find a cure for Niemann-Pick Type C disease. 

Grants funded this year will support a collaborative group of leading NPC scientists from around the world. These dedicated researchers are investigating areas that include understanding the NPC pathway, the structure of the NPC1 protein, and how the NPC proteins traffic cholesterol in and out of the cell.  Additionally, the APMRF is supporting the expansion of novel tools to assist researchers studying NPC disease including the development of new animal models, the improvement of novel drug compounds, and identification of novel biomarkers that will be used to accelerate the therapeutic development process. There are also a number of grants focused on screening for new compounds to treat NPC disease, and identifying and analyzing these potential life-saving therapies.  We are also enthused to be supporting the International Niemann-Pick Disease Registry along with our current multiyear commitment to support a New Born Screen to identify children with NPC disease at birth.

For a complete list of grants funded please visit: https://parseghianfund.nd.edu/impact/currently-funded-researchers/

Thank you again to our generous supporters!