Watch the video above an learn how Notre Dame students joined the fight as part of their three simple things to do in the morning to fight childhood diseases.

Purchase coffee and help save a life!

The Ara Parseghian Medical Research Fund and the College of Science recently launched the Coffee for a Cure program with Mother Parker’s brands of coffee and Tim Hortons.

For internal Notre Dame purchases: Orders made by internal Notre Dame departments and organizations can purchase Tim Hortons and other delicious Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee beverages through Notre Dame Snack Vending. Mother Parkers has committed to donate five cents to rare disease research for every cup ($1.20/box of 24 cups) of Tim Hortons and three cents for *every cup ($0.72/box of 24 cups) of all other Mother Parker Brands of Coffee & Tea.

Visit, click on the ‘Office Refreshment Service’ link. A list of all of the Mother Parker brands are included in the Keurig Single-Cup list under the drink section.

What is also exciting about their coffee pods is they are some of the first recyclable EcoCup offered and compliment the University’s efforts for a more sustainable environment!

*Additional Mother Parkers coffee brands include Marley Coffee, Brown Gold, Higgins & Burke, Wolfgang Puck, and Martinson.

Please spread the word and help us find a cure for Niemann-Pick Type C disease!!!

For Notre Dame alumni & friends:  They have committed to donate 5¢ to rare disease research for every cup—$1.20/box of 24 cups—of Tim Hortons coffee and 3¢ for *every cup ($0.72/box of 24 cups) of all other Mother Parker Brands of Coffee & Tea purchased through L&S Personal Coffee (orders in Canada can use this link). A portion of the proceeds will go directly to the Ara Parseghian Medical Research Fund and our efforts to find a cure for Niemann-Pick Type C disease.

Purchasing Coffee for a Cure Single Cups

STEP #1:  

Once you arrive to the L&S Personal Coffee webpage, please click on the ‘Click here for Notre Dame Exclusives’ button (You can also click on the ‘Single Serve Cups’ button scroll to the Notre Dame Exclusive tab.)

STEP #2:

Use promo code THNOTREDAME to log in.

STEP #3:

Select your coffee and add it to the cart!

STEP #4:

Use the same promo code, THNOTREDAME in your Shopping Cart by clicking on the ‘Apply Coupon’ button and you will save an additional 15% before tax & shipping (free shipping for orders over $69.95).

The discount code can be used for purchasing coffee for your home use, at the office, or for an event.

Mother Parkers Teas & Coffee
Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop