Brian Blagg, Charles Huisking Professor & Director of the Warren Family Research Center for Drug Discovery and Development, University of Notre Dame - Title: Investigations of NPC Disease and Lysosomal Storage Disorders through Computational and Medicinal Chemistry Studies

Ta Yuan Chang, Professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology; Dartmouth - Title: Soat1/Acat1 gene knock down to treat NPCD

Eamonn Dickson, Associate Professor, UC Davis; Title - Nanoscale remodeling of ion channels promotes neuronal cytotoxicity in NPC

Fred Maxfield, Professor & Chairman of Biochemistry and Cell & Developmental Biology, Cornell - Title: Systematic examination of the role of chaperones in folding the NPC1 protein

Marc Patterson and Conan Donnelly, International Niemann-Pick Disease Registry - Title: Accelerating Progress by Facilitating Registry Recruitment in the USA

Suzanne Pfeffer, Professor of Biochemistry, Stanford University - Title: Modifiers of NPC1-mediated cholesterol export from lysosomes

Judith Storch, Professor, Rutgers - Title: Translational potential of LBPA enrichment in NPC disease

Charles Vite, Professor, University of Pennsylvania - Support of the NPC1 cat colony for future preclinical trials

Hongyuan Yang, Professor, University New South Wales - Title: The role of phosphatidylserine, ORPs and GRAMD1s in cholesterol trafficking

Samantha Scott, Research Associate, The Scripps Research Institute - Title: A targeted HTS approach to development of therapeutics impacting genetic variation in NPC1 Disease

Melissa Wasserstein, MD, Einstein School of Medicine - Title: New Born Screen (Screen Plus)

Roberto Zoncu, Associate Professor, and Paulina Ordonez, Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego - Title: Decoding cellular dysfunction in Niemann-Pick type C through functional genomics and organelle metabolomics