Brian Blagg, Charles Huisking Professor & Director of the Warren Family Research Center for Drug Discovery and Development, University of Notre Dame - Title: Investigations of NPC Disease and Lysosomal Storage Disorders through Computational and Medicinal Chemistry Studies

Stephanie Cologna, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois-Chicago - Title: Investigating Lipid Distributions in NPC1 Using Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Mike Henne, Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern - Title: Non-canonical roles for ER-lysosome inter-organelle contacts in the spatial regulation of sterol metabolism

Fred Maxfield, Professor & Chairman of Biochemistry and Cell & Developmental Biology, Cornell - Title: Systematic examination of the role of chaperones in folding the NPC1 protein

Paulina Ordonez, Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego - Title: Pre-clinical validation of FDA-approved mitoprotective compounds to repurpose for the treatment for Niemann-Pick type C1

Bill Pavan, Senior Investigator, National Institutes of Health - Title: GPNMB as a biomarker for NPC1 disease progression and therapeutic assessment; Two-year

Marc Patterson and Conan Donnelly, International Niemann-Pick Disease Registry - Title: Accelerating Progress by Facilitating Registry Recruitment in the USA

Suzanne Pfeffer, Professor of Biochemistry, Stanford University - Title: NPC1-mediated export of cholesterol from lysosomes

Forbes D. Porter, Senior Investigator and Clinical Director, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health - Title: Genome-wide CRISPRi screens in NPC1 to identify genetic pathways that interact with NPC1 and to investigate the mechanism of action of 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin

Frank Pfreiger, Senior Scientist, University of Strasbourg - Title: Determinants of cell-specific vulnerability to NPC1 dysfunction: potential therapeutic targets for Niemann-Pick Type C disease

Mark Schultz, Research Investigator, University of Michigan - Title: Establishing humanized I1061T-NPC1 mice for Niemann-Pick C therapeutic testing

Judith Storch, Professor, Rutgers - Title: Translational potential of LBPA enrichment in NPC disease

Charles Vite, Professor, University of Pennsylvania - Support of the NPC1 cat colony for future preclinical trials

Nieng Yan, Shirley M. Tilghman Professor of Molecular Biology, Princeton university - Structure and mechanistic elucidation of NPC1 and NPC2-mediated cholesterol egress

Hongyuan Yang, Professor, University New South Wales - Title:  The role of ORP1L, ORP2 and phosphoinositides in NPC1 function

Pei Zhao, Research Associate, The Scripps Research Institute - Title: Managing NPC1 through Understanding Genetic Variation

Roberto Zoncu, Associate Professor, Title: Dissecting and Disabling Cholesterol-mTORC1 signaling in Niemann-Pick type C