Ashton Elisabeth Friedl was healed as she entered Heaven on September 15, 2018. She is survived by her parents, Christopher James and Laurie Tate Friedl; sister, Emily Jaden Friedl; grandparents, Charles James and Marsha Ann Friedl and Vernon Lee and Debbie Tate; uncles and aunts, Bobby and Stacey Sokol and Kevin and Sarah Currie; cousins, Michael, Andrew and Hannah; all of her special friends and teachers at Washington-Henry Elementary School, Chickahominy Middle School and Atlee High School.  She will always be remembered for her beautiful smile and brown eyes that could light up a room.

Family will receive friends on Wednesday, September 19, 2018, at Cool Spring Baptist Church, from 5 to 8 p.m. A Celebration of Life will be held in the Worship Center at Cool Spring Baptist Church on Thursday, September 20, 2018, at 11 a.m. Interment will be private.

In honor of Ashton Friedl, please join us in supporting the APMRF and her family’s efforts to find a cure for Niemann-Pick Type C (NPC) disease, a disorder that robbed this Angel’s ability to walk, talk, play, and to eat. Ashton was born in 2002 and was diagnosed with NPC at the age of 9 months. She loves her family, friends, cats, dolls, and of course…the color Pink.

Please consider making a gift to the Ara Parseghian Medical Research Fund (APMRF) at Notre Dame which is dedicated to finding a cure for NPC disease. The Parseghian family launched the APMRF in 1994 when 3 of Cindy and Mike Parseghian’s children (Coach Ara Parseghian’s grandchildren) were diagnosed with NPC disease. Since then they have raised over $45 million to support research, funded over 100 laboratories and now there are multiple potential life-saving therapeutics in clinical trials.

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John Baley; Anita Whiting
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Jennifer Barnum; John S. Leino
Joshua Hopkins; Lisa Owen
Michelle Lacy; Wendi F. Johnson
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Elizabeth Wiertel; Margaret B. Gilman
Rebecca Tate; Rose Spradley
Virginia P. Doyle; Kelly White Wirt
Burk Davidson; Kacy Wilson
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Rick Weis; Damien Lehfeldt
Scott Ashcraft; Sean C. Kassen

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Message From Ashton’s parents, Chris and Laurie Friedl:

We are proud of our daughter and her story and are thrilled to raise money for the Ara Parseghian Medical Research Fund at Notre Dame. We would obviously give anything to find a cure for NPC that would allow Ashton to be healthy and eliminate her daily struggles. However, we realize that some amazing things have happened in our lives as a result of her illness. If Ashton had been healthy, we probably wouldn’t have adopted our younger daughter, Emily! Ashton has also taught us to slow down and enjoy each day. If it weren’t for her, Laurie would probably still have a corporate job and would have missed out on so many memories with the girls!

In the 15 years since receiving Ashton’s diagnosis, we have grown closer as a couple and closer to God. It’s been such a huge lesson in faith and trust; and we’ve seen God show up in big ways! Some of our most important relationships have come about as a result of her illness. Ashton missed over a month of school last year due to several medical issues. Looking back, if we had done things our way, she would have missed out on another year in Mrs. Gregory’s class and Ashton wouldn’t have met her beloved nurse, Pam! If it hadn’t been for NPC, she would have never been in Mrs. Gregory’s class…we can’t imagine life without Mrs. G!

Your support provides hope for the lives of those with NPC and their families. We thank you in advance and hope you will join us in praying for a cure!

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About Amy Gregory:

Amy Gregory, Ashton’s teacher, is an avid fan of The University of Notre Dame. Although not an alumni, Amy attended America’s Youth on Parade, a national baton twirling competition, at the University of Notre Dame as a teenager and fell in love with the school and the campus. Amy and her daughter make the pilgrimage to ND every other year for a big football game and weekend of all things Notre Dame! Amy doesn’t believe in coincidence. She believes, wholeheartedly, that God planned for their paths to cross and for her and Ashton to work together. In 2013, Amy was honored to witness coach Parseghian signing books in the bookstore, but had yet to make the connection between his foundation and Ashton’s diagnosis. Once the connection was made and she returned home, several of Ashton’s school events donated their proceeds to the Parseghian Foundation in honor of Ashton. Amy is a proud supporter of the Parseghian Medical Research Fund and honored to raise funds that can potentially find a cure and save lives.